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I Wanna Know What Love Is

So you wanna know what real love really is?

Of course you do!

But still, we’ll bet that you think 30 years with the same person is a really long time… Well how about forever then? Pretty dang long now isn’t it, right? We feel you!

Yet don't you think it's funny (funny weird, not funny Haha!) that the word “forever” is practically built into most marriage vows and most declarations of love? It certainly is in every fairy tale we were raised on! We're lookin' at you Cinderella, Prince charming and Snow white! Then why is it that so many of us can't sustain love for any longer then a few years? If we're lucky!

Shouldn’t real love last past the first thrills of romance and the sexy sexy? And if it does last, can it actually remain exciting? You bet it can!

It’s a basic human need to love and be loved. We all want it! Have to have it! But how do you keep it?

Even in our cynical world, in many of today’s romantic comedies your fav actors will say the words: “I will love you forever”, “I want to be with you forever”, “I wish this feeling could last forever”, or at least that ‘s what they mean when they say “ Baby, I can’t even look at any other booty but yours!”

Real forever love doesn’t only exist in some impossible far off land of princes, unicorns and glass Louboutins, it actually lives right where you are lovers!

You just have to know what to look for. We (Crila and Momo) will help guide you to recognize some of the significant signs while others will be as obvious as a naked floating cupid about to shoot you with a freakin' arrow! Yaaas!

We’ ve realized thru our extended experience that authentic sustainable love lives in the possibility of our everydays. It’s built on words and silent glances, small actions and grand gestures, forgiveness and admiration, fondness for the past and hope for the future. It lives in the commitment you keep to yourself for another living being that you fell in love with.

To us 30 years does not seem soooooo long because we know how to keep getting excited about our future together, a future we create in real time thru daily engagements. Sometimes effortlessly and sometimes with a bit of elbow grease (ok, not actual elbow grease 'cause that sounds pretty gross)

Thru our years together, we’ ve learned many tips and tricks and have developed real strategies along the way that have enabled us to sustain 30 years of pure mind-blowing love! So, on our 30th year together we’ve decided to launch THE REAL LOVE BLOG because we have found that no matter how much we have accomplished in our lives nothing compares to our our greatest achievement: our relationship. It is what we both hold as most precious in our lives and we're ready to share some of our proven expertise to help fill the world with a little more lovers!

Get set to hear many stories, tips and insights into how you too can create a life-defining love the way we believe it was meant to be experienced!

So get ready lovers, because after 30 years, we’re only getting started!!!:-)

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