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Baby,Baby Where did our love go?

Ever wake up in a funk? I mean the kind of funk where it’s like you don’t even wanna participate in the human race. YOU.JUST.DON’T. Period.

When you are in that mood, you just don’t want to speak to anyone, be seen by anybody, or do anything at all, whatsoever…

But, you have no choice because you share your life with someone, and they’re in the same house as you, eating at the same table, using the same organic soap, and basically breathing the same air… OY!

Now on more typical days for these you are extremely grateful. But on this day, the day the whole world is ending, there is just one thing you are committed to… your profound hate for the whole stupid planet.

Ok, so maybe you don’t quite reach that level of funk , but for most of us if we’re honest, we’ll come pretty close once or twice during the course of our long-term relationship

So what does the greatest couple on earth do on those days? On the sort of day when things we hardly mean may come out of our mouth spraying out along with it all the pent up negativity that spawned the evil egg in the first place.

Well, we do our best of course! We find a way to get through it and try to remember that we are not at our greatest at the time and these situations do not represent our whole journey.

When you experience the kind of unconditional love that we’ve created together, you just recognize that this is not where your relationship lives, it is just passing thru a bumpy street that you just have to navigate yourselves out of.

You keep your head, best you can, knowing down deep that you have a safety net of amazingness under you and that this will all just be ok. You keep driving thru this G*d forsaken bitch of road with your former best friend who’s main crime at the moment is merely existing and soon enough, you come to end of that ugly road and would you look at that! The sun throws you a beam of warmth and you begin to feel a bit stupid for being this angry at each other and maybe even crack a joke. Maybe. And then the reason for your funk starts fading and the affection you have for your BFF somehow returns.

Generally these kind of days are few and far in between, and though they ‘re hard to go thru and basically suck, you have to take them for what they are. Rain on your picnic. Maybe even a diabolical retrograde planet thing? Shitty, yes. But def not a reason to spin your world upside down, and for sure not a cause to question your entire relationship and the whole validity of the human race.

You’ve seen eachother at your best but seeing eachother at your worst is also part of intimacy. Embarrassing, yes, but if you can recover well from it, believe or not, it can even bring you a bit closer.

So, where did your love go? Nowhere baby, it’s right there waiting for you at the end of that potholed road!

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