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Everybody Loves Somebody

Everybody loves somebody as the famous song says. Yet everyone we meet when they find out how long we’ve been together wants to know the secret to our love.

Well, maybe the secret to love is: (drumroll please!) to love.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could establish some kind of even playing ground and all agree on what the meaning of love is?

At the very least can we perhaps find a definition of it for ourselves?

Like, Is it a feeling? An emotion? A decision?

Does love make your heart pound? Your head spin? Does it make you weak? Or give you super-strength? Is it pleasurable or painful?

Maybe it’s all these things! Maybe it’s none of these things. But one thing is for sure, although we all know it when we feel it, it is still one of the most mysterious things we experience in our lives.

And oh, so ironic: When we don’t have it we crave it and when we do, we can’t hang on to it.

We can’t pay for it, rent it, steal it, capture it, fake it, own it, give it, lend it or sell it. We can’t beg for it, although some unfortunate souls sometimes try, you can’t replicate it, heck you can’t even see it!!!

Yet it’s right up there next to air, food water and shelter in our list of priorities!

What makes love so important to us and still so hard to get?

And why is human romantic love the most complicated of all? Really.

Many people can commit to a car or even a pet for much longer then to another human being.

Others love their careers their whole lives but have so much heartache when it comes to love.

Although everlasting Love seems an infinite mystery, there are many ways to sustain love once you find it.

On our way to discovering it’s secrets, one of the things we might all want to do is to try to figure out and define some of the ways we can describe Love for ourselves. To analyze the unanalyzable (if that is even a word),

to take a moment and think about the most important thing in our lives, to try and understand what love means to us, and what we’re willing to do to either find it or keep it, may be one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

We may never be able to fully explain love (although countless writers musicians and scholars have tried over centuries), but we could come closer to understand what it means to us as individuals. And as it is said: know yourself and you shall know the universe!

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