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I would do anything for love (but i wont do that)

Have you ever lost someone you loved and was sure that if you could ever go back in time you would do anything to keep that love?

Or even told someone in the beginning of a relationship that you would do anything for them?

C’mon admit it! Most of us have!

And more often then we’d like to admit we find ourselves in situations that are out of our comfort zone because of our willingness to keep love. Some of those instances could even prove quite embarrassing right! But we won’t talk about those now will we?:-)

No, this week we’d like to talk to you about some of the resistance to change that might be keeping you from the kind of relationship potential that is mind blowing!

There comes a time in every relationship where our life partner may criticize something we do and well… all hell brakes loose! Yep! The time they tell you for example : “honey you really should not put the thingy in the thingy holder like this, it’s not the right way!”

Mmmmmhhhh…. the right way? Do they mean the right way, or just their way? And now you’re 100% certifiably pissed! And you know what? You’re not pissed cause they’ re right or wrong , you are pissed because you are kind of embarrassed and your defense mechanism, which has now kicked in hard, is to resist! Resist to the death!

Yeah that’s right, you are now at war with the person you are sharing your life with because there is no way you will be giving them that power over you! No way will you relinquish your right to put the thingy in the thingy holder just the way you want to! Right?

Well … not really. Would it be so bad to maybe let yourself reexamine your response to criticism from the person you love most in the world? Would it be so disempowering to give what they’re trying to tell you a chance? Would it be so terrible for your ego to compromise and try to see it their way?

It’s not so much about the thingy, it’s more about opening yourself to what your love is saying, more about keeping the initial energy you have at the beginning of your relationship flowing by listening a little more to what is being said and not so much what you THINK is being said.

So maybe to you it’s not a big thing but maybe to them it is, right?

You have to calculate for yourself how important your end of the stick is to your relationship. Do you really want to be regretting the stupid little things you could have compromised on that cost you your lover in the end? Probably not.

So next time you vow in the throws of passion that you would do anything for the recipient of your love , make sure that when the time comes, you put the thingy back where it supposed to go!

Trust us, it’s all in the little things!

Love Crimo xoxox

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