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Radar Love

Do you have a symbol of your love?

Do you have “a thing like radar love” like the Dutch band: Golden Earring does in their seventies hit song?

You know? Something you can look at , touch , feel…

A power object that reminds you in a second of the amazing relationship potential you have together?

Traditionally we could say that for most people it has been a wedding ring,

this symbol of eternity dating back to Ancient Egypt almost 5000 years ago.

But in the 21st century modern society, as matching tattoos are on their way up and traditional wedding ceremonies on their way down, we kind of have to find for ourselves these personal and meaningful representations that serve us as a strong reminder of our intent and engagement toward each other. Because, although we prefer to think of ourselves as modern, certain rituals and customs and superstitions if you will, still have a strong hold on us, don’t they?

Could it be the traces of our primal natures still hungering for charms and amulets? Maybe! But regardless we’re not messing with it!

Our own personal symbol wasn’t so much chosen by us as it unexpectedly came to us as a gift. We didn’t realize right then and there that we would be receiving the strongest physical symbol of our love, but since it came into our lives it certainly grew into a powerful representation of our beautiful union.

The object we are referring to is a painting of us created by an incredibly talented friend of ours who is an accomplished visual artist and also the wife of one of our dearest and oldest friends.

At the time of the painting’s creation, she was working on a collection of interesting couple portraits for an exhibition. She asked us to pose for her and we said yes! It felt a bit strange when she came in to our bedroom with her paraphernalia the day of the deed as we had no idea what to expect!

When the artwork came we were astounded immediately and couldn’t believe how much she captured our energy, spirit and intimacy!

We decided to place it above our bed and it has been our sleeping companion ever since! Over time we believe it has picked up some of our energy and has become a cherished symbol of our love. Practically part of us!

Although It is a material object which has nothing to do with our love itself, it is absolutely a powerful reminder in the physical plane of our unique and amazing relationship.

Because of the kind of people we are we are pretty sure that having not had this particular object, we certainly would have stumbled on something that would have become our power object, although it’s hard to say what that would be now that we have this one.

So, what is your love power object?

Is it a letter? A box? A stuffed animal? A dried rose? Whatever it is we’d like to know!

Please share with us what physical icon best represents the essence of your love and inspire others for their own love power icon!

Love, Crimo xoxxo

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