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Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe”

Did you know that a long-term relationship is beneficial to your health?

Apparently people in committed lasting relationship have better health and fewer doctor visits!

Research says all kinds of positive things happen to our bodies when we cultivate a happy and long relationship!

Everything from depression a better immune system and even pain control!

We are biological organic social animals hardwired for connection. Loving and being loved is a basic human need. In fact without human connection we cannot function as human beings in the long term

Recent Research says that romantic love is similar in its manifestations and as powerful as hunger! WOW! You can’t even go 8 hours without giving in to your appetite and some people go years without love…

According to author and anthropologist Helen Fisher (author of “why we love”) there are three desires linked to the drive behind love:

sexual attraction, romantic love and attachment.

Guess which one the good doc found was the most powerful?

Nope, it’s not sex, its actually romance! And then she ads a really really, striking comment : “people don’t die for sex, they die for love, live for love!” True dat doc! True dat!

So if romance is more powerful then sex to sustain a long-term relationship (which is, as we stated above good for your health and longevity) the trick is to keep romance alive during the stages of attachment). Attachment is beautiful but the point is to keep those dopamine levels up and to keep things interesting as we sustain our amazing long-term union!

Talk about Superlove!

This is what the real love blog is all about, revealing and sharing what we have become experts at: Sustaining true romantic love thru our cocktail of reinvention, commitment and goals, brewed up instinctually and backed up by the science!

This stuff is good for your health people! Drink it up! Folks tell us all the time that we look younger then our years. Well do you think it hurts our case that we’ve been happily in love for over thirty years? Of course not! Just as we are certain that an unhappy relationship can’t be good for you, a happy one is now proven to make you live a longer more pleasant life. The real secret in all of this is that happy relationships are not born they are made! That’s right! Romantic love can be improved and sustain thru skill and intentions not blind luck!

Stick with us lovers! And every week we’ll get you a little bit closer to understanding the incredible mystery of true love!


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