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The Love boat

Do you have an oasis with your lover?

We’re talking about something or someplace or even some action that truly and only belongs to the two of you?

Our personal “love boat” oasis-moments are our walks together.

Our long walks have become practically sacred to us!

There is something about physically and rhythmically going forward together in the mean city streets that strengthens our going forward symbolically.

Somehow our promenades always create positive manifestations in our lives. This is our personal time where no phone calls, no texts, and no unwanted distractions can reach or interrupt us. Time itself seems to not wanna bug us as we fall into our natural rhythm and create little rituals together. Like stopping at the local hipster café, or talking to dogs and their masters…

These treks have become our time for connection and bonding.

A space for “us” to be “us”, a form of “us” that is as most like our childlike selves.

kinda like we’re taking a recess from life and in turn this permits us to reassess our lives.

The craziest part of that is that these “love boat” moments do not require any money, planning, or organizing of any kind, just a bit of time and a commitment to spend it together.

On these mini adventures, we have re-inspired ourselves and each other so many times that we have come to almost expect the feeling of renewed energy that we get from them.

You know how happy you both feel when you go away with your life partner on a beautiful vacation?

Well what we’re saying is that you need to find a mini version of this to do regularly together! Now there will always be a reason not to do this, something will always come up, but creating an oasis that helps to strengthen your union is worth committing to!

We know, we know… you have emails to write, texts to respond to, dinner to make, facebook to scroll, and countless other tasks we all need to attend to, but this is your main relationship we are talking about here!

Even something that takes 20 mins can do the trick. For example, sometimes when one of us is taking a bath the other will just sit in the bathroom with them and just talk. Or other times we’ll make our bed together and when we do we have this thing we do that cracks us up every time! (more on that in another post!). You’re creative! We trust you’ll find your own thing!

The point of this, is to create a common viewpoint on a regular basis that will feed into all the other parts of your relationship! Trust us ! We’re the experts! Try it for month and pretty soon you too will find that you begin craving these little moments together :-)

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