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“Just the two of us”

Embracing your couple ‘s branding

Are you the quiet one and he’s the life of the party?

Are you the practical one and she’s the nurturer

Is he the peacekeeper and maybe are you the spicy one?

Although no human can be defined by just one characteristic

We all fall a little more this way or that and once we are in a solid unit we tend to strengthen these attributes for many different reasons.

Call it natural balance or natural order but we tend to seek out a mate who will counterbalance or complement certain traits in our personalities.

This is more often then not a very good thing, but it is also sometimes, the thing that has us grumbling to ourselves: “ why am I always the one to notice the plants need watering? Or “ Why can’t she see I need an hour to myself in the evening?” or any other of these pattern like thoughts that keep creeping back into our minds creating conflict. Why? Oh why?

The answer is: it is part of your couple’s branding.

Your branding is a picnic basket full of both of your individual strongest qualities all co-habiting together and creating the essence that transpires into your everyday life as a unit. (unit, is such a sexy word isn’t it?

So, anyway, as time goes on, you both fall into specific modes that are, in the best scenarios, like sophisticated coding that ensures that your relationship survives the everyday struggle/jungle!And in the not-so-best-scenarios, your couple’s branding can create frustration and eventually lead to it’s own dramatic destruction.Usually, it is because your individual survival has become more important to you then your couple’s survival. What does that mean?Well, being a strong powerful super couple means that you need to EMBRACE the balance that attracted the two of you in the first place. Or end up: righteous but alone!Here is a specific example:If, when you first met you thought it was cute that his place was a playfully messy hipster’s paradise and now you can’t stand that he can’t pick up his towel from the floor… just wait a sec before you get pissed and let all kinds of obscenities spew out from your clenched jaw. Instead, You could try to EMBRACE that the reason he might do that is that his mind works differently then yours and he really doesn’t notice how gross the towel on the floor is because he is already thinking of a series of amazing things the day will bring… he’s a playful hipster! What else where you expecting/?!Then, you could also EMBRACE that you yourself, were gifted with incredible skills of organization and you just can’t help to want an environment that reflects peace, harmony and domestic bliss. Well, once you understand your couple ‘s unique branding you can take the necessary measures to ensure a happy union. Whether those measures include negotiating the towel off the floor with a friendly and heartfelt reminder, or picking it up yourself, or leaving it there without a care is entirely up to you, but at least you will no longer take it as a personal attack and injury on yourself and you will refrain from taking an unfortunate stab at your loved one out of pure level 4 frustration.We suggest that you reflect on your couple’s branding and EMBRACE it! EVOLVE with it! LOVE it! PLAY with it! Most of all get to know it, because it is what defines the couple you are growing into!

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