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Quantum sex

Ok, so we sort of made up that saying to express something that is rarely addressed when talking about successful long-term relationships.

Hey, we’re all mature right? We can discuss these things can’t we?

Okeydokey! Let’s proceed.

In every long-term relationship between consenting adults, things will happen that need no specific explanation here. You know… Naturally amazing lovely things that require doors to be closed and drapes to be pulled (and sometimes wine is involved).

So, since most of us are pretty familiar with these activities, we don’t need to be reviewing those particular going-ons right now. J

However, there are some things that can happen while being fully clothed without any one else being the wiser about their occurrences. These things can occur in plain sight, in broad daylight, in front of your friends and family and even co-workers. They can be happening even while we may look as innocent as grinning cherubs. Trust us they can be happening right now.


Well, what we are describing are micro moments of inexplicably powerful connection between our loved one and ourselves that can be triggered by being in close proximity to each other, the sound of each other’s voice, or even the mere sight of one another.

Some of us will feel it as shivering waves or (what could only be described as) that feeling you get when you jump in the ocean… This very enjoyable sensation can last a microsecond or the whole time you are both together, watching a movie or sitting across from each other at dinner or just being with each other.

These occurrences will leave you both exhilarated and peaceful.

Sound familiar? Right! That’s why we called this post: Quantum Sex!

These little moments are sometimes also referred to as “chemistry” and they feel as if some or all of your particles are engaging with the other’s in well… THAT way!

Once you experience it, it’s hard not to crave it.

We believe, that once aware that it’s actually a “thing”, you could nurture it and even use it to strengthen your relationship!

Think about how many ways there are to share each other’s energy, to bond and feel each other more then you ever thought possible.

Think about the millions and millions of molecules in your hand touching your lover’s hand, and how your individual cells are connecting and sending signals to your brain in rushes of energetic waves thru your nerve endings… Oooh, can you feel that? Pretty sexy stuff, right? And powerful!

So you wanna know how you harness that power?

You just think about it. Remain aware of it. And when it happens, use repetition to create a habit or ritual.

This is the non-obvious part of a successful relationship. This is part of the magic glue that holds it all together. The unexplainable in a nutshell!

A small but meaningful corner of the veil lifted for a glimpse of the mysteries of real love!

Oh yeah, baby! That is what we’re talking about!

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