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Can having a great relationship save the world

Well the short answer is : of course not. But if we look more closely… Well, yeah it can.

So we all recognize that a lot of what is happening in the world today totally sucks. Yes, the birds are still amazingly flying around up there and the bees are still… (well let’s not discuss those right now, ok?), but for the most part the wonders of nature can still lift our spirits high and if we look around us there are no shortages of the many mind-blowing earth dwelling things that we can feel grateful for.

But still, there is a lot of super scary shit happening all around our planet that so many of us feel hopelessly powerless to do anything about. And that blows, doesn’t it?

So how, you’re now asking, can we say that an amazing relationship helps make this world a better place?

Well let’s take a look together, shall we?

A relationship is like a tiny version of our world. Many, many of the same kinds of problems happening “out there” can be wrecking havoc right here at home: conflict, dis-balance, dictatorship, betrayal, distrust, economic disasters and the list goes on…

These problems have been around since the beginning of our recorded history in one way or another within our intimate relationships as well as in our border to border relationships. As global unrest continues to rear it’s ugly head, the list is likely to get longer… Oh yeah! Good times baby!

The news here is that although these problems are ginormous, the solutions are not totally out of our hands because, (and here it is) : Having an awesome relationship can be the seed that grows a tree that grows a forest.

Having a truly great relationship puts into practice: diplomacy, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, understanding, and unity…

The exact same qualities required in saving the world!

Well, well, Would you look at that!

Please continue to picture how by putting into practice the principles that can save the world at work in your relationship, you are becoming the example that the world needs to fallow to improve itself.

Thru the power of example, you are influencing your friends, your family, your neighbors…the world around you!

We are all humans, and as bitter and jaded as many of us are, even the most hardened among us can be touched by the human spirit in action.

Even the wickedest can be softened when witnessing the best that humanity has to offer on display.

Since it is also human nature to imitate, the more others see you working positively on your relationship the more they are triggered to do it themselves as well!

It’s not rocket science! It’s basic human nature: Personal survival requires selfishness but surviving as a couple requires evolution. The same evolution that the world is asking of us right now as the human species.

So the equation we are proposing this week at the real love blog is:

A better relationship= A better world.

It’ s an organic sustainable solution based on little daily gestures and a continued commitment to peace and harmonious co-existence. And really, before we can truly expect people in powerful world shifting positions to implement humanity’s most basic good values we should try to implement them in our own personal mini versions of the world. No?

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