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How do we measure our sexual global footprint?

How do we measure our sexual global footprint?

We carefully recycle our bits and pieces of metal and plastic, we up-cycle our old stuff for our pinterest inspired DIY’S, we reuse and repurpose conscientiously out of growing respect for our planet, we resale and buy used so that we can consume more responsibly, we lovingly display reclaimed wood in our homes and small businesses as a badge of our new awareness. We are becoming model green citizens!

But what are doing when it comes to our personal intimacy?

We “hook up”, we “Netflix and chill” (code for quick encounters), we tinder and use apps to meet up, do our thing and move on. Many of us are committed to casual disposable encounters. Although experimenting without strings attached isn’t bad,

Is it a way of life?

The real questions is:

Are we treating our garbage with more consideration then our penises, vaginas and hearts?

Ok , we all can stop laughing at our use of the V and P wordsJ

Don’t get us wrong!

We understand how scary it can be in our modern world to try to form an emotional connection that can be sustained? But how long can we keep that up before we burn ourselves out physically, mentally and emotionally?

Let’s say for the sake of this example that our bodies are like a small (ok very small)

version of our planet.

Well could we say then, that our personal and private resources are precious

and amazing like the earth’s?

Could we also say that there is merit to cherishing our liquids (=oceans), our flesh and bone (=earth and trees)? (See how we’re doing that?:-)

And since we fight so hard for the respect of renewable energy can we not say that love as the ultimate renewable energy?

Since we care so much about not polluting our waters and our air, we might try to remember that everything we put in to our bodies will have an effect on us.

It is definitely one thing to be an willing and decided explorer, but totally another to be swept up by a wave of fear of love only to crash and burn into a lifestyle that wasn’t meant for us because we are not shown an alternative.

Even in our modern day and age, as people who have seen everything and anything,

as a species who cannot be shocked anymore (because, well we’ve seen it all on facebook right?) we have yet to have mastered love.

Love seems like hard work to many of us, so we dissociated it from our modern physical encounters… Love seems unattainable so we stop reaching for it…. Love seems impossible so we stop believing in it….

But let’s think about the earth again for a sec… see, without that indefinable force that pushes the ocean, its just dead water… without the unwavering commitment of the elements the trees would just stop growing. Without gravity making love to the earth everyday we would just all fall off the surface of our planet. Love is mysterious, yes, but it’s worth keeping in your sights as part of the equation. It is not moral or quantifiable.

It is primal, basic and beautiful. And it is definitely sustainable, renewable, and essential.

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