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Couple selfies! We do it too!

We’ve recently acquired our second selfie stick! And now that we’ve realized it is really a magical wand capable of spreading joy and happiness and filling Sunday afternoons with fun in the sun, it will surely not be our last!

Yes, we too have sneered and looked down upon selfie stick wielding common folk.

Especially with us being in the image making industry, handling thousands of dollars worth of sophisticated serious cameras for a living, we respectively declined any prior involvement with any selfie anything… until well… until we somehow got our hands on one!

And suddenly, we are capable of capturing moments that would long be forgotten (in totally cool angles) and strike up conversions with interesting strangers because well… the selfie stick! And the best part is we get to kiss for no other reason then to take advantage of the interesting background.

Doesn’t that sound like just plain silly fun? It is!

Sometimes in our day to day, while we are working, paying the bills, doing a quick load of laundry, making life happen, we forget to just have good ole stupid ridiculous fun!

Even us loveblog creators, can be guilty of that! Well when that happens, it can be great to add an unexpected element to the mix. For us the selfie stick provides just that because it makes us laugh from the all the hilarious perspectives we can create with it, and really, It feels just ridiculous enough because of the casual factor as opposed to the usual seriousness of our craft.

Of course this is not about the stick itself, but about the connection we make as a couple as we are removed of our serious adult life context and into our childlike selves.

Fun for fun’s sake for just the two of us.

We are so much more then providers, maintainers, organizers, cooks, accountants, plumbers and lawnmowers…

It’s so easy to forget that we are also playful creatures who sometimes need lighthearted romps. Regardless of what our neighbors may think! Prolonged stress can put our health at risk and scientists say having a laugh binds us together, strengthens our immune system and boosts our energy! In addition it can lighten our burdens and increase our sense of well-being. It actually sounds like our selfie stick can end up being pretty good for us!

So if you are in favor of some mind and health improving silly fun we’ve put a little

checklist to help guide you in adding a common fun element into your mix:

Can you do it together?

Does it take you out of your usual context?

Does it make you feel silly (but good) when you are doing it?

Do you feel revived after you engage in the activity?

Can it be easily repeated?

Is it available and easily accessible?

Does it make you feel carefree?

Only you know to what silly lengths’ you and your significant other will go, but it can be truly amazing to discover a new side to your lover and even to yourself as you bond in fun. Don’t stop yourself because you think it may be embarrassing or not what people expect of you! It’s your couple! Your life! So go for it! But first… “lemme take a selfie”J

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