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Are you too sex obsessed to enjoy a long-term relationship?

Are you too sex obsessed to enjoy a long-term relationship?

Someone asked us the other day while we were out on one of our epic walks,

The most personal questions ever! Since we’re all friends on the real love blog, we’re going to share part of the conversation with you.

So by now if you are familiar with us you will know that we take our walks pretty seriously! Like, we must do them RELIGIOUSLY. If we miss a couple of days we feel really unbalanced. So during these treks we love stopping to talk to dogs! All dogs.

So during this particular instance, we stop and talk to the cutest little dog, and we strike up a conversation with the dog’s human. As we chit chat with this sweet intelligent young lady she point blank asks us some pretty specific questions about our sex life, after finding out that we’ve been together for thirty years! Not just general, wide open questions but precise, kinda embarrassing ones.

Now we’re definitely no prudes, but usually we would not have answered these kinds of inquiries preferring a more discreet approach to at least that part of our relationship.

But, this nice girl seemed so confused about love that compassion won us over and we spilled a few beans (just a few mind you, because one of the secrets to our long-term union is to keep certain things sacred). But hey, every rule has an exception and if our own rules didn’t allow for some fluidity, well, we would be extremists and the world has enough of those, right?

So anyway, it got us thinking that the exact thing that brings couples together may also be often driving them apart. Could some of us be so sexed obsessed that it actually prevents us from reaching the next levels of our relationship?

For all you gamers out there… imagine playing a video game but always on the same level… never unlocking the next phase… never pushing past and reaching a completely new aspect within the same game… wow! How many people out there don’t even realize that there are so many incredible magnificent powerful states a long-term relationship can reach if you just let yourselves get to the next levels?

Being obsessed about that singular thing blinds you to the all the other trees in your garden. You’re eating oranges over and over again when you could be savoring papayas, mangoes, and fruits you can’t even name cause they’re so exotic.

The wonders of love don’t stop at sharing our bodies for a moment and living for the next moment that it happens. Our culture puts so much emphasis and pressure on sex that we imagine that everyone else has it better then we do, for longer the we do and more often. You know what? Who cares? What is important is to embrace each other as a couple and creating a union on every level that we can unlock as you go, together!

Sex is only one of the keys to one of the doors.

Think about it, even if you have a small home you most likely have more then one door don’t you? Well it’s similar in a relationship. There is so much more then one key to open a single door.

On a more practical level, let us please ask you an indiscreet question : How are you, as a couple going to spend the OTHER 15 hours of a typical day if that’s the only thing on your brain?

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