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Our love is our compass

There will be times in your life when you feel lost.

Not physically in the-middle-of the-forest/desert–lost… we’re talking about when your mind, soul and heart feel like they’ve lost their connection to their purpose, times when everything feels meaningless and devoid of sense.

Sometimes there is a clear and logical reason for this and other times, like a flash storm striking without warning, it just happens and it devastates you.

For those of us who are in love relationship, when those times occur, if we recognize that we can use our love as our ultimate compass we can pretty much be certain that we will be able to guide ourselves out of the hazy trap right back into the arms of our life and love.

In our personal 30-year relationship history we have reinvented ourselves several times. Some of those critical moments preceding our transformations were the result of feeling very lost and out of touch with our destinies.

Often times when couples find themselves at those terrifying crossroads they deal with them in very individualistic ways. Most of the terms we usually use to describe these identifiable moments such as; midlife crisis, or nervous breakdowns, or even an overwhelming need for change usually concern the individual and not the couple as a unit.

The strain of these overwhelming episodes can be devastating to the relationship, causing alienation, resentment and misunderstanding.

Most modern day self-improvement theories and practices will encourage us to think, feel and act as separate individuals first (independence being a powerful and emblem of power in our society). However, for a relationship to be truly successful it asks of us to be in love, and being in love means practicing selflessness, having ultimate compassion and supporting a deep union. All notions that are opposed to individualistic tendencies prescribed by current values. The implication is certainly not to discourage the evolution of self to prevent the cost of our intimate relationships (or vice-versa) but since we are evolution in motion, today’s couples can benefit from the values we were taught in the past if there are enlightened by what we now understand!

So where our grandparents held very specific roles in their lives to conform to society’s pressures and expectations at the time, (most of our grandmothers were at the service of our grandfathers for example) in today’s more evolved world, we can be at the service of each other, we can bond and be a unit with a much more holistic understanding of what that means.

So in practical terms, regardless of which one of us is in crises or at a loss, if we use our love as a compass we will always be led back to positive outcome for the relationship and ultimately creating happiness for both individuals!

When one of us is lost, we are both lost and we will find a way to bring “us” back .

It is not really a tip or trick it is simply applied love. Used in a real and profound way love is truly at once a path, a destination and a compass.

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