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5 awesome relationship hacks everyone should know!

Take a walk

Walk together whenever you need to figure something out. We don’t know where the science is at on this but believe us it works. Walking together changes your body and mind chemistry to make it easier to figure stuff out.

Could it be the synchronized steps that somehow get you both on the same wavelength? Could it be that getting a bit more oxygen to those brain cells help to get us thinking better together? Perhaps a little of both? Most likely!

But whatever the case, something about talking and walking in the same direction together makes it the best time for airing things out and arriving at some positive decisions.

2. Take your mama’s advice and please be polite

A quick tip towards having an amazing long-term relationship? Be polite and courteous, like you were in the beginning when you first met!

Sounds simple? It should be, but if you fall into the pattern of : familiarity breeds contempt, well, your chances for experiencing the relationship magic we’re trying to share with you on the Real Love Blog,fade real quickwith each snide remark and every time you omit a thank you or a please.

Every singletime you take a shortcut to treating your partner with love and respect you take another chip off of your precious foundation. If being considerate and well-mannered are a given when we meet someone new, shouldn’t it be obvious to be that way with the person we love most of all? Just sayin’

3. Become a Super fan

Now you may not share exactly the same tastes or hobbies but seeing the world thru your loved one’s eyes and heart give you an opportunity to feel and appreciate their passion and become their very own Superfan!

Nothing is worse then not feeling understood or encouraged when it comes to our personal interests. So if your lover loves bicycles or animals or making pottery or collecting vintage posters… whatever it is, become a super fan of your partner’s interest. You don’t have to develop a taste for the actual hobby in question but become extremely supportive of your sweetheart’s passion.

4. Become a coder

Create a language that only the two of you share. Trust us after over 30 years together building the most amazing relationship we can tell you that during times of stress having our own silly code language definitely helped us make it thru.

It really doesn’t have to be anything elaborate and it doesn’t even need to be actual words. We have a sound that we call the penguin sound (which really doesn’t sound like a penguin at all) but it cracks us up every time and often diffuses stress! Find your own and use it often!

5. Give them your full attention

Put down the damn cell phone, turn off your computer for an hour and prepare to truly listen to your loved one.Really listen with interest to what your partner has to say. Have they had a bad day at work or have they had an amazing breakthrough on a project? Are they having a fight with a family member? Whatever it is give them your full attention. Even if you don’t have earth shattering advise, or even if you don’t understand everything about the problem, give them your most concentrated consideration. Listening to other when they need to be heard is not only a relationship hack but it’s an act of love!

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