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6 business strategies that can save your relationship!

Creating a successful relationship has many similarities with creating a successful small business! Everyone knows that without implementing proper strategies, most businesses fail within their first year! Don’t let that happen to your relationship and use the fallowing 6 top business tips to help you achieve and maintain an amazingly successful relationship!

1 Have a five-year plan.

If you read the Real Love Blog regularly you know that we are huge fans of embracing changes together to support the shifts an amazing relationship naturally goes thru. Change comes regardless of how we feel about it so developing a plan together creates a common vision of the future that can fuel the excitement of the adventure of being together for the long haul.

Your plan could involve an amazing trip you both want to take, or a remodel of the bathroom to finally have that awesome home spa you can both enjoy, or even getting more involved in your community (to help the homeless for example). Whatever it is that you want to accomplish together, formulate a doable plan, with steps and goals, just like you would if you had a small business together. The trick is to take action towards it to take it from dream to reality. Once accomplished, create a new plan of course!

2 Know your personal expertise and your loved one’s as well.

Are you the creative one and your life partner is the financial expert?

Whatever your personal know how, use it to “advance” your relationship goals! Everyone has something they’ re naturally great at, so why not focus those specific skills for the benefit of the relationship?

For instance, ifyou are a visually creative person, then take on the role of creating a beautiful nest for your couple. Is your partner ‘s passion more culinary? Well, guess who should cook up some magic in the kitchen?

The point is to be excellent partners in life just like great business partners in a successful commerce!

3 If it ain’t broke…

Just like in the business world there are certain tried and true rules you should just stick to for your best chance of creating a successful relationship! Yes, you are a unique couple, but trust us when we say that there is nothing you could go thru that another couple hasn’t gone thru as well and survived! Think of your grand parents, talk to them if you can…ask them, how did they stay together throughout it all? Also, read our weekly posts. We always give the most honest usable advice that you can actually put in practice in real situations.

We’re going on 31 years!!! And we adore each other!

4 Pace yourself (beware of the burn out!).

This is a little secret but everyone should know it! As much as you love each other you can burn yourself out on too much intensity. Just like for a small business, to really last thru the ultimate test of time, you have to keep up to the little things. Sleeping, eating healthy, taking a little time off for yourself.

Those things need to be a big priority and you need to implement them as positive elements in the process of developing a successful relationship.

5 Know your couple’s branding.

Knowing your couple’s brand is something that can help give you both clarity on your couple’s dynamic (and is actually very entertaining to figure out)! The best way to define your brand comes from natural attributes that already exist within you that you can choose to enhance and embrace. For example, are you always the best-dressed couple in the room? Then have fun with that! Make that brand even better by being not only the best-dressed couple but also the most charitable, and perhaps give awayyour unused threads to shelters, and instantly give your couple branding some depth too! :-)

6 Always keep the big picture in sight!

There will be times that you wonder what you are doing this all for. But obstacles are part of the process.

Surely you can imagine an exhausted, at the end of his rope business owner who sits alone in his store wondering: “Why? Oh Why did I ever get into business anyway?”

Eventually something reminds that this is his passion and it is all worth it in the end, (Even if he doesn’t quite feel that way at that moment).

Used proactively these times of questioning can be used to reflect

And in life as in love we need to keep the big picture in sight and work towards those better days up ahead. If we can work thru the discomfort and move forward, we soon find ourselves in a better situation with more wisdom under our belt and a better understanding of our relationship.

Success is measured in the long run, so we hope our tips help you to create the kind of relationship we hope for you! Please share your thoughts and comments here and on our other social media platforms.

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