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How to NOT end up all alone.

This is probably the number one fear of all time of almost everyone alive on this planet.

Money to burn? Great! But without someone to share it with? Not so great.

Most beautiful person on earth? How lucky for you! But not so much if you can’t sustain a successful relationship.

There is no resource, riches or attribute in the modern world that doesn’t suck if we are left to enjoy it all by ourselves. Forever, and ever and ever…

Our point is, becoming soul mate material and activating your love magnet is for sure one of the most important thing you can accomplish in your life.

Not convinced? Ask some elderly people who are contemplating the end of their days and we can pretty much guarantee that their biggest regrets will not be about things they did not buy, or possess. It will certainly be about people they believe they failed, or could have loved more or better… their thoughts will be filled with what they did and who they did or didn’t do it with.

We spend so much time getting good at our jobs, getting better at our workouts, getting our houses cleaner. But how many of us spend time on just becoming a better human? A more vibrant “soul mate magnet”?

A couple of days maybe, while we are jacked up emotionally because of an article we read or a show we saw or a story we heard?

How many of us are willing to spend more then a little extra time on perfecting the one thing that in the end will mean more then anything else we’ve experienced in our lifetime? We’re talking about creating an amazingly successful relationship of course!

There are mysteries that we will never be able to explain rationally. The most inscrutable being: love.

Why do we need to give and receive love so much?

That question is for God and the keepers of all universal secrets, but we do know from experience that love is a basic need as powerful as hunger and as essential as water.

Still, after thousands of years into the love game, we’re only beginning to get a grip on the concept.

We genuinely believe, at The Real Love Blog , that one of the main reasons for this is that in most of our societies, the focus has long been about the attraction point, the early moments of courtship. We continuously refer romantically to the butterflies and goose bumps, (the time when our senses are just firing up our hormones and we just can’t help it) and we unfavorably refer to what comes after that. Most people think of long term relationship as hard or boring, which couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Of course the initial intensity fades but this is where it should be to be replaced with deeper more sophisticated emotions. It’s important to get excited about all the stages of a relationship if we are going to make it last beyond the point

of attraction.

The language that comes after the initial period can be just as stimulating but it requires some refinement to grasp the complexities of two people trying to fit together thru the challenges everyday life!

So if you don’t want to end up alone there are two things you need to work on.

First, you have to become a “soul mate magnet” by working on becoming the best version of yourself. And second, once you are in a relationship you have to get exited about the long term and get more knowledgeable about how a relationship grows and the stages it will take you thru, (that part we can help you with , obvi!) , because if you give up as soon as the initial sparks dim, you are missing the entire point!

Look, we can’t give you all the secrets in a single article, but this is what we are here for. We’ve been thru just about every single stage in the book and we are sharing our expertise with you but one thing we can tell you is like any other important decision in your life if you don’t stick with it, it ain’t gonna happen. And it’s dinner for one again baby.

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