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Meet Crila and Momo from The Real Love Blog

Momo And Crila have been a majorly committed couple for the past 30 years.

When they met it was love at first sight! Their relationship has not only survived but thrived against the odds of working together 24/7 but also working in the crazy entertainment industry!

In the past few years they have been thinking about sharing their profound love experience and knowledge with others. Their recent 30th anniversary was a catalyst for launching this blog. With it they hope to inspire others and also share some tips and tricks along the way.


Crila and Momo are audio/ visual  content producers. Together they have a multimedia company called Crimomedia.They've also run a music production company for years and still make music together.They even played the bell center together! they love to have brunch and bingewatch sci-fi thrillers  on weekends!

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